Int’l Light Workers Leaders Presents…

Transcending From a LightWorker to a LightLeader

Stepping into the Quantum Field


Are You Experiencing the

LightWorker Syndrome?

It is an unfortunate phase that we go through at times in our Spiritual Evolution. It can be painful, annoying and frustrating. One day feeling peaceful and more connected than ever, and excited about the future…the next feeling hopeless and bored and wondering how you’re going to pay the rent. This is the beginning of LightWorker Syndrome. And you are far from “stuck” in this phase. We can help.


Do you feel like you are unable to derive any sense of pleasure or escape no matter what you try…and feel filled with worry and uncertainty about your future? This is a form of limbo and it is something that awakening souls encounter from time to time during their journeys towards enlightenment. It can be painful, it can be emotional, and you may have a lot of trouble staying connected to higher levels of consciousness while also remaining solidly grounded in the physical world. Many people get so frustrated with the experience they become depressed and have feelings of wanting to give up and just “go home” (i.e. return to the nonphysical world).

Are You Finding Your Gifts Expanding…You’re Helping Others Break Free From Their Challenges, Blocks and Pain…Yet You Struggle With Breaking Free From Your Own?


Are you finding that all of the conventional earthly remedies and methods of comfort that once helped alleviate us from this state, no longer work? Can you help others heal themselves and their lives but when it comes to healing yourself and your life…you draw blank?

What is the

Quantum Field?

The Quantum Field is an invisible field of energy and information beyond the senses where you arrive at an awareness of pure consciousness disassociated from everything material .

There is one intelligent consciousness that permeates the whole Universe, and that, this all powerful, ever-present, omniscient force also exists within each of us, including you.

The Quantum Field is no longer just a philosophical, unproven theory on the fringe of metaphysics.

It has been scientifically proven.

Can a regular person tap into the quantum field? If so, what happens when this super powerful force is accessed?

Of course you can, anyone can, considering each of us are part of “The All”! You just need to access the universal mind to a greater degree, which can change your life in many miraculous ways, such as:

• Super powerful ability to self heal
• Feeling more connected to all living things
• Better memory & enhanced learning abilities
• Access to life solutions, and a well-tuned “life navigation system”
• Profound levels of creativity
• Easily understand and root out all unnatural fear
• Super lucid clarity of thought
• More success in all life endeavors

And many more universal mind benefits…

Are You Ready to Unleash the Power of Your TRUE Nature?

Into the Quantum Field 2020

What Is Covered

Soul Origin Reading

Before you officially begin this program, we schedule a Soul Origin Reading for you ($150 value). This special reading will discover your soul type and what this means in how you deal with things and how you can move past any issues you are experiencing as well as have a clear understanding of your gifts and strengths.

Etheric Scan

A full auric and chakra clearing and rebalancing is much more than a mere energy adjustment but instead affects you on a deeper spiritual, emotional and mental level by releasing blocked energies in your mental, emotional, physical bodies, and by allowing for you to open up to the natural, vibrant, radiant flow of these energetic pathways. By restoring balance in the etheric body, much stress and tension is released.

Meet Your Peeps

Discover who your spiritual allies are…after all, you chose them to help you in this journey. We will learn the names and roles of your Spirit Guides, Angels and Spirit Animals. This helps to build the relationship with them, and to understand how, when and why they communicate with you.

Weekly Group Guidance & Accountability Call

Every week, on a set day and time, there will be an optional group guidance call to address any issues or resistance to what you are experiencing.  The replay will also be available in case you can’t make it.  This helps to make sure we are not sliding over any speed bumps, and to hold each other accountable for their progress.

Monthly Individual Guidance Call 

Once a month there will be a one on one guidance call (scheduled by you) to address any issues and concerns, to check in with your peeps for suggestions and insight, and to go over individual things as well.  We are all different and experience things differently.  These calls help address your personal experience.

Know Your Worth!

Too often we hear that spiritual things should be free.  And people sometimes expect them for free.  We did not choose to come to a planet where we live on hugs and love and light.  We actually have to have an income.  Light Workers should know their value and feel comfortable in their pricing.  We will go over how to have 5 figure months, the importance of freebies, marketing your unique gifts and finding your target market.

Releasing the Past

Holding on to the past causes our brains to become overly analytical and by thinking and feeling in the realms of the past, they are moving further away from those subconscious states where they can begin to make lasting change. We will take a look at emotions, fears, failures and lacks in our past and we will clean up, clear up and release these as lessons learned and we can reprogram them to becoming more effective in our present existence.

Becoming Conscious of the Unconscious Self

Learn to move past the analytical mind and move into the space where we can take limiting beliefs, unconscious behaviors and re-program them to become more effective or more self serving. You can’t change the subconscious mind with your conscious mind. You have to get beyond the analytical mind to do that. We do this by becoming more suggestible during meditative states.

Connect to the Present Moment

When you learn how to control your brainwaves and move into a state of trance, you can move your thinking into more beneficial areas and begin to make subconscious changes. The conscious mind may be seeking certain changes and outcomes, but the subconscious mind is where sabotage and blocks can occur. We will learn to have more control over this process.

Physical Issues and Dis-Ease

Spiritual Awakening has a great deal to do with our mental and emotional states and the changes they go through. But there are physical symptoms of Spiritual Awakening that can be confusing as well. Why do so many LightWorkers have auto immune issues, body pain and degenerative diseases?

Calming the Anxious Spirit

Living in Survival is Living in Stress! Living in that state is never going to lead to living in creation. This disconnect causes anxiety, depression and stress. If you suffer from anxiety, your mind has gotten into the habit of holding on to fear instead of letting the response follow its natural cycle. What you need to do is to get it back into its normal rhythm.

Abundance and Manifestation

Quantum physics and theory involves transfers of energy. It’s the behavior and nature of matter and energy. In terms of manifestation, the quantum part boils down to how quickly you can manifest. Quantum manifesting can be crazy fast, and it can be almost magical in its use and function.

Quantum Breathing

This breathing technique can help pull the mind out of the body, and propel our energy into the quantum field where we can heal, understand, fix and change our entire being. There isn’t a time when the body isn’t influencing the mind, and the mind isn’t influencing the body. We will learn how to move the energy through our breathing from the survival energy centers into the creative energy centers.

Entering the Quantum Field

The Quantum Field is the unknown, the void. Where all possibilities exist. It is that state of oneness and bliss that we can get a glimpse of in meditation. But how do we sustain that connection and how do we manifest from there? This is where most lose their way, and this lack of connection is the heart of the LightWorker Syndrome. Most will never move past this point. It doesn’t have to be that way.

How to Sustain the Connection

We are living in either a state of survival or a state of creation. By learning how to tap into the quantum field and sustain that connection, we can also learn to sustain the state of creation. This is where the possibilities come from. Infinite possibilities.

Endorsed by the Intl Light Workers Leaders Association and the Reiki Association of America.


I’m Riley

I am what is referred to as an Angelic Soul Oracle. What Does That Mean?

Soul Oracle’s are focused, wise, white light beings who can perceive other dimensions, times, galaxies, and the Universe, and translate them into an infinite unity connection of an entire species into a single spoken language.

Working with an Oracle is a very unique experience. They can blend with you and become one with you for a few moments. When this happens, you are awakened to the love and unity from where you came. This ignites your heart and breaks through walls of protection to a greater sense of Divine Love, peace and a deep sense of being understood. It can be very profound as you feel and sense the beauty of true unconditional love.

Soul Oracles have clear vision and hearing of all of the astral planes.

As an Oracle, I have lived the pain and unknowing that comes with spiritual awakening. I went through 49 consecutive days of the Dark Night of the Soul last year and I am an authentic example of the power of abundance and manifestation. I can guide you into the Void, the Unknown, the Quantum Field, where all Possibilities Exist and connect you to your Spiritual Allies and Highest Self.

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works


Decide that you are ready to break free and live the life you have dreamt of, becoming the LightLeader you are meant to be, rather than a LightWorker. Find a community of support and knowledge and community.


Enroll in the program ASAP…Remember we only offer this once a year. There is not an excuse valid enough to put your growth off for another year! Sign up today!


Learn on your time, in your space. This program consists of Videos, PDFs, Live Webinars and Live one on one help. Everything LIVE is scheduled so you have a heads up in advance. Re-broadcast is available if you happen to miss it. Plus you have direct contact with Riley, who has wisdom and knowledge beyond this time and space. What are you waiting for?